You’re Losing Me

3 min readMay 30, 2023

You’re Losing Me is for the one who finally realize that your long-term relationship already fall apart before your eyes. It’s right under your nose but you decided to deny it. It’s when you’re so afraid of losing them but you didn’t even realize that you’re losing yourself as well. It’s about two people who just grew apart and in the end you realize that love is not enough to save the relationship.

How much time has passed? How many days has it been since everything was okay? How long could we be a sad song? How long has it been?

Both of you were the perfect team. He seemed to always be by your side, you are attached and you loved every second of it. He’d lean his shoulder to cry on for you. You were always be there to lift him up whenever he was feeling low. Everything was perfect and all you wish were forever. Now it was hard to say anymore.

You had no idea how things got to be this bad right now. One day you were laughing, but the next day you were screaming at each other and choose to running away after that. You thought you were perfect for each other, but how could you not noticed all the cracks? What happened to that perfect love?

Where did it all go?

“This isn’t working. We’re only going back and forth.” Your heart was pounding with anxiety while saying that — breaking into pieces.

He insisted. “I don’t want to argue about this anymore.”

“That’s what you always say whenever I’m trying to talk some sense into you. You never change, do you? You never fucking change.”

And then he said, “I don’t understand.”

“I know you don’t. You don’t even put any thought into this.”

There is nothing worse than the slow death of a long term relationship. We once thought a cure would come through in time, but now, you fear it won’t.

He left behind and you’re sitting in the room alone reminiscing the good old days with him when both of you love to choose the light rather than the dark room, you keep wondering if it is time or not to just end everything. The tears kept coming as you wondered what happened and where to go from now. It was too much. You were so lost and afraid. Do you have to throw out everything or keep it?

Marriage is just not the right fit to you either, because you are the one who always choose to say yes rather than no, who tried to fit on every shoes, and the one who took the blame or apologizes a lot. But at the same time, you still loved those you have loved and wanted to be with him while you could.

All you could wish were his efforts to mantain this relationship too, but he only said ‘I love you’ without even realized that you were dying.

And you decided to stop fighting, begging, and mantaining the relationship — it’s not because you don’t care nor love him anymore, but because you’ve finally accepted it all. It was exhausted thinking that all you did everything alone.

We also tried to save it at first but in the end we both just gave up. We always pretended it was find for a little while but we finally let it die in the end.