You hold me when I am broke

3 min readJun 1, 2023
credits to the owner

Around actually was written for NIKI’s mother, everytime I listen to this song it is just too personal somehow. It also reminds me about how wonderful friendship is being the highest form of tenderness.

This time, I want to dedicate my own writing to 7Dream as one of my greatest source of comfort when life fucked me up. This song is also written to a best friend who sticks with you through thick and thin no matter what.

Life will always meaningful because you have a good friend.

credit to the owner

They grow flowers in the darkest parts of us. Their existence feels like a home to me.

People will never understand what you’ve been through. You were so young, you didn’t know anything. Everything seems fast ever since you started chasing your dream. But you know each other where you’ve been and where you’re from. Living together, sharing foods, and making jokes towards each other. You’ve also watched each other grew taller. How wonderful your friends were and are and will always be.

You carry the people you love with you forever. Living and loving with one another. The world became less lonely when you have each other back, even though sometimes there is also time that you’re against one another — being disagree without having to walk on eggshells. But that’s okay, my dear, that’s okay. Because disagreement in friendship means a way to understand each other, so you can grow apart and not fall apart in the process.

You were tired, but you remembered that wherever you go, you’re with them. All of you were always trying not to give up on each other and finally found one another. It’s the melding together, the struggle to tell where you begin. You know each other deepest hopes and fears sometimes. A friend through all seasons, a friend who speaks the same soul language. It made the entire world seem less lonely.

The past made you sunk into abyss and feel so lost, but here you are in a river of light, fill it with the brightest stars, sunset also glow kissing your face, brown eyes is finally sparkling with excitement again. You’re now completed. You came back standing more stronger, smiling more wider, and feeling more happier. You changed all the ways that you always wanted to — the one you never thought in the first place, because you were told that you couldn’t. But you did, you finally did.

Your existence always feel like a whisper in my world that full of broken bones and tears, you let me know that I am not alone. Finding you along the way made my life more bearable and more lighthearted.

Even at your worst, even at my worst, I want you to stick around till the end cause you’re my best friend.