Plot Twist

3 min readJul 30, 2023
cr. sternklar0420

Plot Twist term is used when there is an unexpected turn of events or development can change one’s life for the better. It is for the people who was getting used to the idea of closing a chapter in their life, but then someone unexpectedly enters and changes everything. Their arrival brought excitement and renewed interest. They bring a new element — happiness.

It’s about growing appreciation for the other person.

Look what we got a thickening plot.

Falling in love with someone you had no intentions on falling for feels like a beautiful kind of love.

That’s what I said before. But well, it is indeed.

It came in the most natural way. It’s not the love you find in poems, there is no structure to it, there is no aticipation. It just simply becomes. It’s a love that’s jarring. It is beautiful when it was pleasantly unexpected, but life is full of pleasant surprises too.

The moment you realized you were in too deep, it was too late. How you realized exactly? You are not sure, you don’t know how and what it was.

Just when I started getting used to the thought of closing the book, there you were in every nook of every word, every page, and I wanna stay and wait.

Back then it feels like life is only have two colors—black and white. But here along came him with his beautiful and softest smile back when you saw him for the first time.

It was 2 a.m and all you could think about was him and his dimples when he smiled. He was everything you feared: the warmest smile, cold aura, and mysterious gaze.

But that’s when you knew.

Nothing stays the same way after that.

It’s kinda cool how a person can just come up into your life all of sudden and become so important within such a small amount of time. It’s funny that it took meeting him, for you to start writing again. You never saw this coming at all. Your heart was stone before but not until he turned it into flesh and your life suddenly feels so interesting again.

Where have you been all of my life?

It’s all growin dim now that you’ve come to light.

You feel bored of how all of the chapters start, but this moment right here that you never would have expected it. Life is vibrant today, glowing with energy again, arriving with change in it all. You’re walking in the street and found life, found colour, and got reminded of the beauty. He is warm and thoughtful, his thundering appearance filled with a cloudlike softness. He is like the plot twist in your darkest life, an arc you never encountered, and a new chapter you’re excited to deep in.

Who would have thought the way his dimples appeared when he smiled, the way he took care of the person he loved, and the way he talked passionately about something that he cherish the most would lead you here.

Who could’ve imagined you.

It was quiet and inevitable fate after all, it came without prelude and preamble, no warnings nor cautions, love that came from a war whose intentions was to never be happen.

Moments have passed and you found home again, a home that give warmth to your soul into beneath hearts and you thanked God for a plot twist like him.