Milk Teeth

3 min readMay 19, 2023


What if I make you pancakes, but you choose to skip breakfast.

Milk Teeth is a term used as a metaphor that describe to emphasize not only how new this relationship is, but also how young they were, leading one of them to question how or why their loved ones have already lost interest in a short time.

This one is written to the one who is still figuring out in a relationship, for those who just starting their relationship but already afraid on how it goes, who always feel like they will never be enough for their loved ones, and the one who always think about the what ifs.

In the shady twinkle of an eye, a fragile heart takes refuge.

You really know how to shed my veil, you’re not something I want to let go even though I’ll die soon. It hasn’t even been a year since we started officially dating, but the reality I’ve been denying this time for so long is beginning to unravel at my feet. Ever since the beginning of our relationship, it has always been painfully obvious that I was infatuated with you.

Whenever he reciprocates my advances, I am thinking maybe all of my friends were wrong about you, that he is just as in love with me and that he is not going to just up and leave one day just like what I think. That you’re not just a temporary guest to fill in the vacant spot until he can find a long-term occupant.

The sun has barely risen and the room is still dark, but I can still see his figure sitting up on the other side of the bed with phone on his right hand.

He realized and glanced at me from over his shoulder. “You’re awake, sorry, you should go back to sleep.

I shook my head. “It’s okay.

He nodded without saying anything and left for the bathroom to get ready for his day without giving me a second look while I watched his back disappear from my sight — I forced myself to bite back a sigh despite the pull on my heart. I throwed my blankets off of me and made my way to the kitchen to make breakfast for him.

He appeared in the doorway, already wear his jacket and his bag slung over his shoulder, as I placed the last pancake on plate. My eyes met making the two of us pause in his steps.

Hey,” I called him offering a fond smile to him, “You should eat before you go, I already made a pancake with your favorite topping.”

He awkwardly scratched the back of his neck. “Oh, I’m sorry, I can’t today,” He answered with regret in his eyes. “My band mates already asked me to have a breakfast before practice today.

“Kita makan lain kali, ya?” He apologized while taking my hands in his as he leans in to press a kiss on my knuckles.

Overthinking was your forte. You always seemed to do it mainly.

Sometimes I feel like this relationship would last forever, but I knew it wouldn’t. We both were young, too young to even realize what love truly was. But here we are both were whispering it to each other every night ritually like a night prayer.

We were just getting so close to each other, but it was making me scary. It supposed to be good, but I am not used to it. They said young love was something so pure and innocent, so I decided to start living life to the fullest with him. But no one told me that being in love so young can also feel foolishly scary.

You tell me I’m nice, but I know I’m only the hostel until there is a house that you like.

I think you only love me because I am nice and time was always a measurement of this relationship, now we finally ran out. But I am glad, I am glad that you made it fun and non regrettable, it was definitely something fun to look back in the future.